VB Technology is South Florida premier sign and graphics provider offering the highest quality graphics and impact marketing solutions. We specialize primarily in digital signage.

Digital signs are fast replacing traditional forms of signage and can be found in public spaces, transportation systems such as highways, airports, train stations, bus stations, subways, museums, stadiums, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, corporate buildings, and even churches.

Digital signs provide great visual advertisement, exhibitions, public service messages, marketing, and outdoor advertising. The digital signage market is expected to grow to over $24 billion by the year 2020. If you are not taking advantage of this method of advertising, you are missing out on reaching a lot of potential customers.

We can provide simple affordable digital advertising packages, custom designed complete signage, and anything in between. We offer several services including layout design, video creation, digital wall displays, table top digital menu, digital door displays, graphics, static signage, dynamic digital signage and more. Our Installation displays is done by trained professionals and the results speak for themselves.


we offer equipment, installation and media creation
A LED display is a flat panel display that uses an array of light-emitting diodes as pixels for a video display. Their brightness allows them to be used outdoors where they are visible in the sun for store signs and billboards.
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VB-Technology Wall Displays give store owners opportunity to use their screen for advertising other products, to generate additional income. Our system is great for store owners as well as vendors that can bring more exposure to their products and services by displaying videos on store’s wall TV and Screens taking advantage of the store customer presence and popularity. In addition, other local business could market their products to your customers as they are a captive audience, while shopping at your store.
Digital Menu Boards give you the opportunity to presents your menu in a very classy, elegant and “delicious way”. Presenting your menu in a quality way improves sales and customer happiness. Digital Menu Boards are also a great way to present your specials and promotions professionally and get the most impact on your message. VB-Technology digital signage products are high quality and exceptionally well build. Give us a call and let us help you improve your store menu.
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Tabletop Display Menus are becoming more and more popular in many establishments and it's a great way for you as store owner to make extra revenue and an excellent tool for vendors to present their products and services. VB-Technology tabletop menu are very affordable and, elegant and complement well any store.
A well produced video commercial and digital signage has a greater impact on people and returns a better response to your ads. At VB-Technology we have the capability to create very professional video ads for any type of product or service built by experts with the best equipment and high quality finish. If you need high end video creation for a future ad we can help you with that. Give us a call and talk to one of our experts.






find here a quick answer for common questions

Digital signage is content that is shown on digital displays (screens) in order to convey messages to specific audiences at specific times. The three components of digital signage are the display itself, the content shown, and a media player (this connects the content to the display).

Digital signage is a cost-effective way to improve the customer experience using a display with dynamic and variable content managed over a network and updated in real time.

A variety of commercial grade displays are available for use in a variety of environments and for different purposes. Commercial grade displays have ruggedized casings and average 12-24 hour run times. They are sealed to keep out dust and contaminants and usually come with a three year warranty. Some options to right-size the customer’s requirements are:

  • 16×7 Rated
  • 24×7 Rated
  • Video Walls
  • Touch (Interactive) Signage
  • Decorative

Digital signage is a natural choice for reaching large audiences. It’s better than email, printed posters, and bulletin boards because you can:

  • deliver breaking news in real-time;
  • change what’s on the screen throughout the day;
  • show multiple things on a screen at once;
  • save money by eliminating design, printing, and distribution costs; and
  • increase revenue by selling display space.

Consumer TVs are less expensive than commercial grade displays, but the few dollars you may save now can come at a high cost in re-installation and non-compatibility. Consumer TVs are built for home use, and not designed for the digital signage customer. Consumer TVs do not have the brightness needed for commercial environments and are not built to withstand longer than 8 hours of usage per day. They will have a strong tendency to overheat or experience burn-in. Commercial signage is designed for computer signals, TVs for cable box. Consumer-grade TVs often come with a 1-year depot warranty and will void down to 90 days if put in a business environment. Bottom line, do not use consumer TVs where you need commercial signage.

Does your business have a message or messages you want to convey to customers or potential customers? Do your messages, specials, or promotions ever change? Then yes, your business will benefit. Saving time and money, improving operational efficiency, and attracting more customers, are among the many advantages of implementing digital signage into your business plan and day to day operations.

Unlike traditional posters and boards, you don’t have to use your valuable time or resources if your message changes or you need to make an update. With digital signage software, content can be updated within seconds, from any location, and even scheduled to avoid any last minute rushing or missed deadlines.

You have the ability to choose what displays show what content, and even have multiple messages on one. EDS will assist you in choosing a Content Management System (CMS) that will best suit your needs.

Whether it’s advertising a product, sharing information for the public or disseminating a company’s message, there are several reasons for you to use digital signage. Nowadays, strong visual impression is very important. Digital signage can reach people instantly. You can rely on it to deliver important messages in real-time. This modern advertising and communication method draws in more viewers with its dynamic motion graphics and interactivity.

Digital signage can give your business an edge to succeed.Its effect never stops since it is always working for you, making your business visible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No wonder, digital signages have become the advertising means of most business owners everywhere. Digital signage also acts as a landscape art that enhance your area and environment. It’s an investment that pays great returns many times over. The results it brings always translate to sales, action, behavior, and enthusiasm.

Want to enhance business brand recall, establish brand awareness, generate more sales, draw attention, bring people to your business or grow your business?

Then, by all means, digital signage is just what you need.

Business Success:

  • Digital signage plays a vital in your business’ customer experience.
  • It is the best way to introduce your business to existing and potential customers.

Saves Cost:

  • Digital signage delivers long-term business awareness and stimulates repeat business transactions.
  • Digital signage in your company can help to deliver consistent strategic messages to your target audience and employees.
  • Digital signage empowers and influences actions.
  • Digital signage is beneficial for businesses that need to change their messages frequently, want to engage people while they wait or attract potential customers.
  • Digital signage is a way to inform, educate and even entertain viewers with its motion graphics and color.





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